The app helps you find interesting events nearby and arrange a meeting with your friends. Events are automatically uploaded from Facebook and posted on the map. Sorting by date and time is available.
Mobile app

Backend, API

Facebook Events

Startup for Facebook event search

Develop an application to help a group of friends organize a meeting: choose a convenient institution with an interesting event and discuss the options for organizing the evening directly in the application

Based on the idea of the customer’s application, we offered several variants of monetization and development of the application, developed the detailed terms of reference, developed a design concept and an interactive prototype (left). In order to understand exactly how the application will be used, we developed several user-story (usage variants) and based on them we explained to the developers how this or that functionality will be used.

Mobile app design

The black-and-white contrast scheme is ideal for displaying a list of events with previews. And to make sure the rest of the application isn’t boring, we played with fonts a little bit and took the Fregat headset with the original character set.

Where can I find interesting events?

The question immediately arose: where to get a lot of interesting events, and also regularly update them. Here our eyes fell on social networks, especially on Facebook. It has an excellent news feed and API for developers. However, there was a surprise waiting for us: Facebook is not in a hurry to share with you the full tape of events through its API. We used a little technical trick, which allowed us to upload a significant part of the most interesting events.

Event filter

An interesting feature of our application is several filtering options. Ideally, we would like to give the user the opportunity to filter events collected from different sources in different ways as he or she would like. The first sprint includes filters:
By geotargeting: selecting the zone and search radius on the map
By date: Date range selection, or “today” / “tomorrow”
In time. For example, you can see only the events from 7 PM to 9 PM to spend a pleasant evening after work.

How to add friends?

To make it as easy as possible for friends to join the meeting, we have provided two ways:
— A link that opens an already installed application and connects the user to the meeting. The link can be sent to a messenger, for example, Telegram
— Meeting code. A simple code consisting of only 4 characters. If the link is not very convenient, you can save the meeting code and enter it in the application. You will be able to join the meeting and share the code with other friends.

The results app

On the left you can see a video of the application.

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  • UI-design of the mobile app;
  • Mobile app development for iOS platform;
  • Mobile app development for Android platform;
  • Backend development (server-side app & API);
  • QA (testing);
  • System architecture and project management.

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