Mobile App for “EdaGut” online store for grocery delivery. Start-up aggregator of goods from various grocery stores. We have written an algorithm that finds the lowest prices for different products, adds a service margin to them and displays all products in the mobile application.
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Food Market Delivery App

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The customer has extensive experience in food retail. The idea of the project: to make the service of delivery of groceries from different stores, paying special attention to products with discounts. It will allow to give the user reasonable prices and convenience.

The idea seems to lie on the surface, but the technical implementation and organization of logistics in this scheme is very complex. However, we still managed to fully implement the software part of the project.

Grocery Delivery

At the beginning of its work, the startup decided to limit itself to foodstuffs, as this is the place where the most repetitive purchases are made and they are made more often. This works particularly well with the mobile App, which is always at hand.

Grocery Store Near Me

The delivery service tries to find the goods in the nearest to the user supermarkets. If all orders cannot be formed in this way, more distant stores are connected. For each product in our online store our system finds the best price, adds a small margin and dynamically updates the price on the site.

Indian & Japaneseย Grocery

Do you like groceries from India or Japan? It’s not a problem! In addition to the automatic addition of products from large supermarkets, we have a system for adding individual stores in fully manual mode. This will be required for suppliers of specialty products, such as fresh seafood.

Better than Instacart

When the project was ready for launch, one of the major market players also launched its delivery. However, we are sure that we have made the service better and more convenient than Instacart.

Startup Development Results

As a result of the project, we have carried out the following works:

  • Backend with admin interface for order management, product catalog and API;
  • A lot of work on process automation: catalogue aggregator from several large supermarkets. Monitoring of discounts and promotions, as well as from the end. Automatic price comparison, search for the cheapest analogue for each product and substitution of its price.
  • UI-Design for both platforms;
  • iOS mobile application;
  • Android mobile application;
  • Website of the online store;

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Included in the Price:

  • UI-design of the mobile app;
  • Mobile app development for iOS platform;
  • Mobile app development for Android platform;
  • Backend development (server-side app & API);
  • QA (testing);
  • System architecture and project management.

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