Small business ideas

First-born startups need for self-sufficiency. Therefore, it was more appropriate to include such a definition in the concept of “business idea”:

“An idea that will allow me to recoup my investment and make money in the next two or three years.”

In this sense, IT startups are good, in particular, startups in the form of mobile applications:

  • The minimum investments comparable to the purchase of an economy class car, i.e., are available to almost every more or less successful specialist. In comparison with the cost of launching a small plant and its payback period, risks and return on investment, any IT startup looks much more attractive;
  • It is easy to explain the idea and mechanism of use to the investor. For comparison: it was very difficult for developers of specialized processors for mining to attract investors to launch chips into mass production, because few people believed in the idea of creating currency directly from electricity.
  • Such a business is difficult to “squeeze out”, because it exists as if virtually. Moreover, if there is a noticeable profit, the company can easily be set up offshore and get the maximum degree of protection from any such problems.

Online business ideas

Specialized messengers (chat rooms)

You must be using some kind of chat room right now. These could be Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger. But there are also specialized messengers designed for business needs. The most famous of them is Slack with a capitalization of $5.1 billion.

Online Stores

Companies such as Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay have changed the way users buy. Now they prefer to choose and buy online, and not only at home at the computer, but also on the go through a mobile application.

Food order and delivery

This includes a variety of services to deliver pizza, sushi, woks, and just products from the store. This trend is also good because the need for food remains relevant in any crisis.

Augmented and virtual reality

Such solutions look spectacular, but it is difficult to find them useful application. One of such variants is 360 VR-video. For example, it allows you to shoot a real estate object at a relatively low price and present it in a very detailed and clear way. Such solutions existed before on the basis of photos, but their preparation required considerable effort. In the case of video shooting and processing, most of the work is done in automatic mode, so it is quite inexpensive.

From idea to business startup

A good businessman is distinguished by the ability to create money almost from the air. He sees new, unobvious opportunities better than anyone else and is able to turn it into a working business. But somewhere in the beginning there is a need to discuss the technical implementation of the project with somebody and to learn the opinion of uninterested but competent specialists. There is a problem with this, because technical specialists rarely understand marketing, sales and business building, and business consultants are far from technical implementation. Our company specializes in startups and has built all processes in such a way as to help the founder of a startup to bypass “pitfalls”, find the right model of monetization and use the budget as efficiently as possible.

Our Mobile Apps for Startups

Cheap Flights

ticket aggregator

Find a Dog

dog-fancier app

Dating App

fast dating

The first question we ask each client is monetization. We are interested in you building a profitable business with us, so we are already at the start trying to lay the groundwork for you to make a profit. Why do we need it? If the project becomes profitable for you to develop, you become our regular long-term client. And this, in turn, is beneficial for us.

Estimate the Cost of Your App?

Leave a request and get the estimates within two working hours.

Included in the Price:

  • UI-design of the mobile app;
  • Mobile app development for iOS platform;
  • Mobile app development for Android platform;
  • Backend development (server-side app & API);
  • QA (testing);
  • System architecture and project management.

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