Mobile apps market

Did you know that mobile apps were a $365-billion market in 2018? And surveyors forecast that that number will keep going up and up every year.

It’s hard to not want a piece of that market for yourself. But how do you create a mobile app that stands out from the rest?

Best mobile app development companies in Los Angeles

Our customers know the importance of high-quality app development, and we’re humbled to be chosen to bring their app ideas to life. Thanks to them, we’re proud to be recognized as a top L.A.-based mobile app developer on Clutch, a business ratings and reviews site, and on The Manifest, a company listing service.

We recently received a review from AKADO Telecom, an internet service provider. Their team needed help with revamping a customer-facing mobile app to manage subscribers’ accounts. AKADO hoped an updated app would provide better service, attracting new subscribers and retaining current customers.

We built two apps for AKADO: a “personal cabinet” that stores info for each customer’s service package, payment details, and account security; and a second application. These cross-platform products simplified how much the client had to manage during the project. We also helped create a server to maximize the apps’ performance.

AKADO was so thrilled with our deliverables that our contract with them has been extended. The apps met every requirement and achieved every goal. Our in-depth knowledge of mobile app and backend development, as well as our drive to tackle every problem we encounter, earned us 5-star ratings across the board.

“This company has a strong technical expertise in both mobile development and backend … [and] configuring the software environment on the server … In some cases, the best solution to the problem required a non-standard technical approach and Start Mobile found it. I also liked that Start Mobile analyzed our needs and our customers’ requirements.” — Head of Digital Services, AKADO Telecom

This is just one of many success stories that we’ve collected from our satisfied customers. We appreciate their feedback, as we always want to improve our skills and our level of customer service. It’s a pleasure to hear that our current approach brings maximum results.

Do you want to learn how to make an app, startup, or eCommerce solution? Learn more on our blog! You can also check our projects on our own portfolio page, where we demonstrate our expertise through our visual works. Ready to get started on your next big app project? Contact us today.

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