Our company has been working since 2010 and for a long time we have accumulated a lot of excellent feedback on cooperation.

In 2019, we began to collect, organize these reviews and gradually post them on the site. We plan to post at least 20 feedback-interviews.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Dmitry Korolev

AKADO Telecom

This company has a strong technical expertise in both mobile and backend development. In addition, the guys helped us to set up the software environment on the server.

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Anatoly incherevskiy


Due to the excellent UI, both internal and external stakeholders were eager to take advantage of the new system during the beta testing phase. Start Mobile implemented a comprehensive project timeline at the outset. Customers can expect a professional and dedicated partner.

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Top App Development Company

Our company is included in the top world ratings of mobile developers: Clutch, Good Firms, Tagline. Feedback from our clients is also published in these rankings:

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