Two applications: iOS + Android starting at $19’900

Mobile apps for online-shops

New sales channel

44% of the online consumers have used mobile devices to buy goods or services at least once in the past six months, according to a Nielsen study



44% of orders come from applications

The e-commerce market is changing every year and now is significant, and sometimes most of the total profits accounted for orders from mobile applications. If you ignore this segment of consumers, you simply lose these orders and a significant portion of the profits. It is difficult to influence global trends in any way, it is much more reasonable to follow them. And we can help you with this.


affordable than you think

How to create an app?

We have found a way to reduce the cost of developing mobile applications for online stores. We selected the most important and frequently used functionality in a separate sample project. This is reminiscent of the construction of houses on the finished drawings. Each apartment is individual and cozy, but no one projects the whole house from scratch every time.
The minimum cost of such an application is $19’900 for two platforms (iOS + Android). The development period will be 7 weeks.

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App development cost

These $19’900 include the basic functionality necessary to run any online store, namely:

Registration and Authorization
Product Categories
Card Product
Add product to cart
Automatic address detection

two applications at once

iOS + Android

The most amazing thing is that the specified price includes the development of the application directly under the two platforms: iOS + Android. That is, in fact, you get two applications at once for $19’900 and 7 weeks of work. How do we manage to do this? We use the revolutionary technology React Native from the company Facebook. Such famous applications as Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, Airbnb, DriveTribe, Vogue, Walmart, Bloomberg and others are written on it. This technology allows to partially reuse the program code on the second platform, while keeping both applications completely native and quickly running.

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Included in the price:

  • Design applications for iOS and Android;
  • Mobile app development for iOS;
  • Development of a mobile application for Android;
  • Development of the backend (server side);
  • Testing;
  • Design and project management.

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