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Either you are in the Silicon Valley, or in Siberia, you need to make the prototype, to sell it and start earning. Eventually, it is everything, which any startup does.

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Startup Development Company

Our company specializes in the development of mobile applications for startups and e-commerce. We know how to launch a startup with minimal investment, get satisfied users, start sales and find investors. The minimum launch of a mobile application for a startup will cost only $11,900 and will take 6 weeks. This cost includes a complete turnkey development for two platforms (iOS + Android) with UI-design and backend. Submit a request to get an exact quote for your project.


lean production

Development Price.
How to Reduce It?

We use the “Lean production” method to save the project budget. It is also referred to as “lean manufacturing”, “bootstrapping” (tightening belts) is another close term. The sense of the method is in cutting the functionality that is not of a high value for the end-user. In other words, during each new sprint, we add only those functions, without which the application really cannot be launched. This can be compared with a visit to the IKEA shop. You can always buy there everything you need, even if you have a modest budget.

How much does app development cost?

we use agile development

Scrum & Agile

Our working process is based on Scrum. It’s an agile development methodology. The development cycle consists of the complete short iterations — sprints. The duration of each sprint equals to 6 weeks. As a result of each sprint, we get fully tested and ready to work mobile app. Thus, the customer gets the most rapid return on their investments and feedback from his users. This enables you to flexibly restructure the development plan in accordance with the new, adjusted project vision.


cross-platform development

Two Apps: iOS + Android

The unification of the development gives a reduction in cost and time, improved quality and high predictability of the result. It looks like a mobile application development factory. We managed to isolate the most demanded application functionality into separate components and reuse them in new projects. At the same time, the application for each client differs in individual design, colors, and fonts. You can see this for yourself by looking at our portfolio.

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Included in the Price:

  • UI-design of the mobile app;
  • Mobile app development for iOS platform;
  • Mobile app development for Android platform;
  • Backend development (server-side app & API);
  • QA (testing);
  • System architecture and project management.

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