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The mobile app era has enabled companies to reach their target audience continually and cost-effectively. Start Mobile is into the development of customized mobile apps for startups and e-commerce businesses. Located in the United States, Start Mobile first started off as an outsourced developer for advertising agencies in 2010. Over the years it branched out to offer specialized services in mobile app development and also assisting clients’ in gaining a foothold in the marketplace.

Leveraging the right strategy and technologies the company helps clients achieve mobile market excellence. Amazingly, with minimal investment, Start Mobile has helped companies launch mobile apps with the latest features and designs. By building mobile apps for Android and iOS, the firm also takes care of turnkey development, back-end, and UI design.

Start Mobile, as a professional mobile app development business, applies ‘Lean production’ as a cost-cutting strategy. Meaning the firm assists clients in developing an app despite the budget limitations. The high degree of professionalism and commitment applied by Start Mobile has attracted the attention of the GoodFirms team, and they got in touch with the CEO of Start Mobile, Eugene Valkov.

In his interview with the GoodFirms team, Eugene explained in detail the idea and initiation of his firm and the work they are into. Starting with the interview, Eugene said they did interactive projects for various famous brands like Coal Cola, Bosch, Heineken, and Philip Morris when they started in 2010. Since 2015, they have focused on startups and e-commerce. While working with small companies, Eugene found out that they are easier to work with. Eugene also tells the GoodFirms team that they do not outsource any work to subcontractors, but their efficient developers perform all the tasks by themselves. As a result, they know how to launch startups quickly with minimal expenses. In addition, the company is familiar with all ways and means that help startups attract investments and even don’t mind sharing this knowledge with their clients, says Eugene.

With professionalism and complete knowledge, and by using the Agile & Scrum process, Start Mobile delivers a high-quality and professional app. The company caters to clients belonging to online stores, marketplace, and food delivery apps. In addition to offering support services through messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram, the firm makes it easy for clients to communicate with them, while some clients can also communicate with them regarding their requirements in the project. Plus, to ensure the projects are timely delivered, they use one of the popular project management systems for their tasks. The technologies and methodologies used by Start Mobile allow them to deliver projects in 6 weeks, and the clients can pay them each time after a set of completed features. In addition, the budget-friendly offerings manage to help clients in achieving their goals by creating mobile apps with rich functionality.

The app development team at Start Mobile is highly experienced in understanding clients’ business requirements. By using their team’s expertise and knowledge, the firm has delivered exceptional mobile apps within budgets. The apps developed by Start Mobile have all the important features like registration and authorization, product page, product categories, adding product to cart, automatic address detection, and checkout. The team’s specialty lies in building Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber-like apps.

Anton Kuvarin, CEO at Wine Warehouse rated Start Mobile with a 5-star rating for their work.

All the clients of Start Mobile are repetitive because they always delight clients with their performance. This way, they are always successful in getting recommendations from family and friends. The development team is pretty good at understanding and analyzing clients’ requirements for better performance and results. Due to their accumulated effort and experience, they deliver performance-based mobile apps. Furthermore, by promising a higher return on investment and feedback, the firm takes care of minute details of the apps like color, code, and pixels.

Thus, for promising goal-oriented mobile applications rich in features and flexibility, Start Mobile ranks amongst the top mobile app development companies in Los Angeles at GoodFirms.

After reading the interview excerpt of Eugene Valkov, CEO of Start Mobile, one can read the detailed interview in the link.

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