Dmitry Korolev


This company has a strong technical expertise in both mobile and server development. In addition, the guys helped us to set up the software environment on the server.

Tasks assigned

Tell us about the project

We already had a mobile application – a personal account for subscribers, made 3 years ago. In connection with the renewal of the general design concept of the company’s digital products, it was decided to rework the mobile application as well, as well as add a number of new features to it.

What were the goals of the project?

  • To increase the loyalty of current clients of the company;
  • Sell additional services, increase the average check of each client;
  • To improve the quality of service, to give additional feedback channels;
  • Position our company as a leader in technological innovation.

The solution

How did you choose the developer?

We chose the best companies from the Russian rating of mobile developers and offered them to take part in the tender. Each participant was asked to present his or her own development plan for the application, based on our company’s needs, as well as to estimate the cost of work for the two platforms. The Start Mobile company showed a good understanding of the tasks and possible problems of the project, offered a detailed estimate, flexible development methodology (Scrum / Agile), as well as quite pleasant prices for a comprehensive development of the application for the two platforms.

Describe the project in detail

We ordered two applications for StartMobile. The first application is a personal cabinet of an Internet provider: data output on the current account, payment by card, connection / disconnection of tariff options, a list of tariffs, payment statistics, login pin-code and other typical features of the personal cabinet. Following the results of work on the first application it was decided to make another application together.

What was the composition of the team?

The development team consisted of a manager, two mobile developers, one server developer, a designer and a tester. From our side, the technical director was involved in the work to clarify the issues of interaction with the server.

The results

What are the results of your collaboration?

The goals set for the developers were successfully achieved. We are pleased with the cooperation. We worked together for a year and plan to extend the contract for the next 2019.

How efficient was the workflow between you?

The project manager was always in touch and quickly responded to our requests. The main work was done in the project tracker by setting tasks. Skype and phone were also used for operational communication. The project was divided into short completed stages of 6 weeks each, which allowed us to regularly receive tested application updates and better control the real state of the project. Cross-platform approach to development allowed us to simplify the project management as the application on both platforms behaved in the same way. Instead of two similar applications for different platforms we managed essentially the same thing.

What was the most impressive thing?

This company has a strong technical expertise in both mobile development and backend, devops (configuring the software environment on the server). In some cases, the best solution to the problem required a non-standard technical approach and StartMobile found it. I also liked that StartMobile analyzed our needs and requirements of our customers and tried not only to solve the problem, but also to help develop our business.

What can be improved?

In some cases we wanted to get more complex interface solutions. However, the proposed variants were still optimal in terms of price / quality / speed of implementation.

The result is

  • Quality: We are fully satisfied with the quality of work.
  • Speed: The work was done as quickly as possible.
  • Price: The price is optimal and the budget is fully met. General impressions: One of the best price/performance ratios on the market!