Mobile application for the startup “Fly with Alex”.
Expedia flights and other cheap airfares. Many direct flights, convenient filter by dates, countries and cities of departure.
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App for startup, searching cheap tickets

Finding cheap air tickets for a direct flight can take a lot of time from travelers. An idea appeared: to search for the best deals on airline tickets, sort by country and date of departure and share this valuable information with friends. At first this idea was implemented by our customer in the form of a subscription through Mailchimp. The project developed rapidly and demanded more time for support, automation was required.

The client made the basic MVP of the project with his own hands using the site builder and Mailchimp mailing service. And it was the perfect solution! This is how ideas should be tested: quickly, simply and inexpensively. This system worked like this: the user comes to the landing page, adds his email and indicates the city of departure. Then he regularly begins to receive letters with interesting proposals.

Expedia flights and other cheap airfares

Mailchimp is a great tool for quickly organizing a simple mailing, but for professional use it is not very suitable. It is difficult to expand because he works only with his base. In addition, he has a relatively high percentage of undelivered letters. To form profitable offers and mailings, we prepared our server part with the API and administrative interface, made the distribution queue scheduler and connected to the specialized mailing service SparkPost. This service allows you to do a great job of increasing the percentage of mail deliverability. Dispatch on base in 150 000 + happens in 2 minutes through the distributed network of servers.

Mobile app for airline tickets

Mailing lists are a convenient, simple and versatile tool for quick alerts. However, a specialized mobile application allows you to do much more:
  — Filter offers by country and date;
  — Display a tape of proposals in a convenient compact form;
  — Receive offers as quickly as possible: immediately after adding, and not during the newsletter;
  — To share with your friend an interesting offer in a fast and convenient way to all used instant messengers and social networks.

How to book a flight?

After some time, the system was fairly well-established, and the subscriber base is large enough to connect premium accounts. This, in turn, required us, as a technical team, to set up payment for both the site and the application.

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Convenient and quick registration is a very important thing. It increases the conversion of visitors into users of the application, reduces the cost of attracting users, and simply makes using the application more enjoyable. We added registration through the social networks VK, Facebook, and also reduced the number of steps in the already working registration.

App of the week

As a result of the project, we performed the following work:

  • Automated adding and mailing offers. An administrative interface has been developed for the server side;
  • Integrated powerful functional mailing service with high letter deliverability;
  • A new form of subscription is built into the already working promotional site that runs on Wix;
  • Designed application layouts based on website design and logo;
  • Developed two mobile applications (iOS + Android);
  • Connected paying premium subscriptions in the app and on the website.

The application was immediately marked in the AppStore as an “application of the week” and lasted for a long time in this status.

android app

ios app

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Included in the Price:

  • UI-design of the mobile app;
  • Mobile app development for iOS platform;
  • Mobile app development for Android platform;
  • Backend development (server-side app & API);
  • QA (testing);
  • System architecture and project management.

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