Mobile application for home delivery of products in Moscow. The main difference is the orientation of the online store for the delivery of farm products.
Mobile app

Farm, nature and fresh for you

The customer launched an online store similar to Utkonos, but for farmer food. The site allows you to order products for home delivery in Moscow.

Our task was to develop a mobile application that would provide a convenient way to place orders in this store from a mobile phone.

How to buy fish with delivery

We were skeptical about the delivery of food to the house. However, it turned out that it is much more convenient to buy large fish carcasses in the online store, because they fit into a bag with difficulty. Food delivery for a week allows you to generally get rid of reminders like “do not forget to buy milk.”

Online store catalog

The first application development sprint includes the most basic functions of an online store:
— Catalog of categories with variable nesting;
— Product catalog in the category with the choice of quantity;
— Shopping cart and order processing;
— Purchase history;
— Repeat order from order history;
— User authorization;
— Search for delivery locations on the map;
— Promotions and discounts.

API integration

One of the important development stages was the development of the application interaction protocol with the site (API). We have developed documentation on 17 pages with a description of all the necessary requests and responses of the server. This documentation has helped the customer’s developer to implement data exchange for his part.

Chat and voice search

Further plans for the development of the application include additional features, including:
— Built-in chat with customer support;
— Voice search using speech recognition from Yandex;
— A set of universal filters of goods and categories.

The results

As a result of the project, we performed the following work:

  • Designed application layouts based on website design and logo
  • Documentation has been prepared for the API, which allows to implement an online store exchange protocol with the application;
  • Developed two mobile applications (iOS + Android), integrated with an already running online store;
  • Debugged application and online store collaboration;

ios app

android app

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  • UI-design of the mobile app;
  • Mobile app development for iOS platform;
  • Mobile app development for Android platform;
  • Backend development (server-side app & API);
  • QA (testing);
  • System architecture and project management.

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